The design concept for this building is a simple tropical house with a "grand" look. The design is modern tropical with a lot of opening windows for good air circulation (cross ventilation) and natural light


This school was a kindergarten, so the design was simple and we are trying to design the building more like a house. Because kindergarten or a playgroup are meant to be a preparation before the kids comes into more formal education. The design itself using natural stone and wood plank as a dominant factor in the facade to create more tropical sense to this building, while in the front garden was used as a playground


The resort above was design using a Balinesse style mark by the use of Balinesse ornaments such as natural Amanjiwo stone, Balinesse statue and other Balinesse style stone sculpture. The pool in front of the resort was make not only for functional use but also served as a reflecting pool.


Corner shape site was a challange for the architect in designing this house. The Architect use modern minimalist style while still considering the tropical aspect, mark by the use of natural stone in the building facade, the use of many opening windows for natural light and cross ventilation.


The house is using a modern minimalist style, mark by the use of basic geometry "box" shape, blend with a tropical aspects by using wood panel in the front facade section of the house. The colour scheme was white and cream for a clean and spacious looks of the building.


Architecture is not only deal with the problem within the building mass, but also considering it's relation with the exterior design such as landscape & hardscape design. It means how to blend the exterior and the interior into one single concept as a quality living place.


This town house was using tropical approach mark by the use of many opening for natural light and good air flow within the building and also by using a wide overhang to overcome heavy rainfall through the year. Natural stone and wooden shading makes stronger tropics impression to the building


The guest house & the outdoor dining area was an extension of the existing house. The new building masses was consist of two separated masses, the reflecting pool was acting as barrier between the public (dining) and the private area (bedroom). Both the outdoor dining & the guest house are enjoying a large private balinesse garden as their point of view.


An integrated building mass can be found in this architectural design which there was an integration between two different needs (Minimart & DHL) combine into one building concept. The use of transparent glass material tends to invite people into the building.


Integration between workshop (backside) and an office (frontside) make this building more compact, even if the site has a size limitation. The site was narrow, so that a proper architectural design has to be done in designing this building.


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  Our design style is modern tropics. Which is mean that our design will considering the tropical character of Indonesia and most of other tropical countries. The modern components in the building can be found in the latest architectural design that we used such as modern minimalist, Classic, American Victorian, Tropical Modern, Mediteranean, Balinesee style & etc  
  Desain arsitektur kami mengadaptasi gaya tropis modern yang disesuaikan dengan karakter tropis Indonesia. Unsur modern pada desain bangunan kami terlihat dalam pemakaian style desain minimalis, klasik, american victorian, tropis modern, mediteranean, Bali minimalis, Bali etnik, dsb.

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